All orders are shipped with PostNL.

PostNL offsets any carbon emissions by investing in sustainable projects.

No additional revenue is made from shipping.

Note: Every order comes with a tracking code and insurance in case of damage, theft, or loss.

Free Shipping

Free shipping applies on orders above:

- 50€ Netherlands and Germany

- 75€ European Union, Switzerland, and UK

- 150€ Rest of the world (USA, Japan, Turkey, South Africa, etc.)

Environment & Packaging

We are aware of our responsibility as manufacturer and online retailer and therefore continously act to reduce the environmental impact of global trade.

Based on this responsibility and our values we take various actions:

- We don't ship with plastic tape, bags, or filling material.*

- All our products are packaged with paper materials.

- Whenever possible we reuse boxes from other manufacturers to give them a second life.

- Products and material are manufactured and bought locally.

- Our 3D printers are powered by renewable electricity from ANWB Energie.

- We ship with PostNL which offsets any carbon emissions through sustainable projects.

*There can be old plastic residue or tape on boxes as we reuse boxes from other manufactures.

Import Taxes & Customs

Products can be shipped internationally, though please be aware that country specific customs laws may apply.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that might happen.

Note: No responsibility can be taken for any potential delays due to customs.

Special Discounts

We provide a constant 25% discount for animal shelters and non-profits.

We also provide discounts on wholesale deals. Please find more information in the "Wholesale" tab in the FAQ.

In both cases, please reach out!

Contact – Rover Rats


Please reach out if you want to buy a large quantity of items to save on price and shipping.

Contact – Rover Rats


All our plastic products are made from non-toxic and toy-safe plastic
which complies with DIN EN 71-3, 2011/65/EU, and is FDA approved.

Cage Layout

It's recommended to not use only plastic in your cages because of constantly growing teeth of your little critters. Combining them with wooden ledges is a great option!


You should wipe all plastic products daily with a wet wipe.

For stubborn residue you can mist some water (bonus points with a water/vinegar mix) on the plastic products with a spray-bottle. After soaking it for a little bit you'll be able to use a wet wipe to remove any excess waste.

During your regular rearrangement of the cage layout, you could remove the plastic products and rise them with warm water and a brush.

Note: Though the plastic products are water resistant, they're not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. If this happens, it's suggested to put them out in the sun for at least 24 hours.

Quality & Production

All products might have minor defects or color variations that don't affect the functionality. Also they might come with different color metal pieces or wing nuts, also these do not affect the functionality or stability.

Our plastic products are 3D printed with high quality, non-toxic, and toy-safe compliant plastic. Please find more information in the "Safety" tab in the FAQ.

Reach out!

Feel free to contact us with questions, to provide feedback, or anything else!