Free Shipping

Free shipping applies on orders above:

- 50€ Germany

- 75€ European Union

- 100€ Europe (Swiss, UK, Turkey, etc.)

- 175€ Rest of the world (USA, Japan, South Africa, etc.)

Feel free to reach out for questions about free shipping below.

Shipping & Packaging

All orders are shipped with DHL Germany.

All products are sent via plastic-free packaging material.

Note: Every order comes with a tracking code and insurance in case of theft / loss.


We are aware of our responsibility as manufacturer and online retailer and therefore take measures to protect our planet:

- Our 3D printers are powered by 100% green electricity from Städtische Werke AG.

- All products are packaged with paper packaging.

- We don't ship with plastic tape or bags.

- Products are manufactured within Germany and material is bought locally.

- We use climate-neutral shipping with GoGreen from DHL.

Import Taxes & Customs

Products can be shipped internationally, though please be aware that country specific customs laws may apply.

Buyers are responsible for any customs and import taxes that might happen.

Note: No responsibility can be taken for any potential delays due to customs.


Please reach out if you want to buy a large quantity of items to save on price and shipping.

Contact – Rover Rats

Special Discounts

We provide a constant 25% discount for animal shelters and non-profits.

We also provide discounts on wholesale deals. Please find more information in the "Wholesale" tab in the FAQ.

In both cases, please reach out!

Contact – Rover Rats

Quality & Production

All products might have minor defects or color variations that don't affect the functionality. Also they might come with different color metal pieces or wing nuts, also these do not affect the functionality or stability.

Ender and Prusa 3D printers are used for creating 3D printed items. Metal pieces such as washers and screws are bought locally.

All plastic items are 3D printed with high quality and non-toxic plastic from Extrudr (PLA NX2) which is FDA approved and is toy-safe compliant.

Cage Layout

It's recommended to not use all plastic in your cage because of constantly growing teeth of your little critters. Combining them with wooden ledges is a great option!


It's recommened to frequently wipe the ledges & platforms.

Also it's recommended to regularly rinse the items with warm water and a brush during your rearrangement of your cage.

Note: Though usually the plastic products are water resistant, they're not waterproof and should not be submerged in water. If this happens, it's suggested to put the platform or ledge in the sun for at least 24 hours.


There is little research done on the long-term effects of plastics used in the environment of small animals as far as I know. There are a lot of divided opinions about the safety on the internet and I urge you to do your own research before buying any 3D printed objects for your critters.

Even though PLA itself is not toxic, there are little studies done what long-term intake does with humans, let alone our small critters. The chances that they swallow plastic material are low, but it is there.

Therefor I chose to only print with Extrudr PLA NX2 which is FDA approved, food-safe, and has a toy-safe compliance. This is the most safe PLA for our little critters that I've come across.

Please find the official documents from Extrudr down below for more information:

Technical Data Sheet PLA NX2

Regulatory Information Sheet PLA NX2

Material Safety Data Sheet PLA NX2

Reach out!

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